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It gets your adrenaline pumping and once you get a taste of it you don't ever want to stop! Two Old Road residents have come up with cool new ways of how Kittitians, Nevisians and Tourists can have some good clean natural fun.

At first it seems a bit overwhelming to remember the instructions of an ATV bike especially for those who have never driven a vehicle before like me. But guide instructors Austin and Waki let's you know everything you need to know about their new jungle style bikes before you go off.

The feeling is a bit scary at first, not wanting to lose control of the bike and fall or even damage the bike itself, but once you get a hang of it the feeling is out of sight!

This is definitely another way for one to enjoy the beauty of St. Kitts, where your regular vehicles can't go and where your feet might fail you & Alas! An ATV bike is there!

On a beautiful day with the sun shining brightly, is the perfect opportunity for the bike tour. It can be done as a fun time among friends or personally and more intimately as a couples adventure.

Fantastic views are seen while on the ATV tours.

The ride through the hills, sugar cane tractor paths and trail excursions all complimented the tour. This tour is definitely worth the US$95 which includes snacks and drinks and pick-up from your location.

However, for the locals who should really take advantage of the fun these bikes offer. The team at Jungle Bikes has created a special price rate for you.

Not only do they offer ATV tours but also a Rain Forest Safari at US$40 and Volcanic Hike at US$60. (Still those are all the Tourist rate and one should call their number further down on this page to get the local price.)

As promised from the team, "We're serious about your pleasure" so do not underestimate the level at which these guys would go to, just to make sure you have nothing but clean fun.

You can visit their Old Road location at the Romney Manor Road or call them at 664-2204.

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